TrueshoreHealth removes administrative burdens and allows doctors to focus on patient care and outcomes

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The Bottom Line

Take a Look at the Numbers

The benefits of TrueshoreHealth are more than just how much money you’ll save, but looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see why we are the premier outsourcing option. An in-house employee costs around $20 per hour. A TrueshoreHealth employee will cost significantly less.

The Benefits of Working With TrueshoreHealth
Healthcare & Medical BPO Solutions

Stay Ahead of the Game in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Landscape

Today’s medical practices are bogged down by constant government reform, changing models, evolving technology, and a decreasing insurance reimbursement. Take back your practice - no matter what specialty you’re in.

TrueshoreHealth was founded by doctors who understand healthcare after decades in the industry. The TrueshoreHealth platform offers a complete set of solutions to ensure your medical practice will find success in this quick-changing industry.

Eliminate Administrative

Burden & Offer Patients Better Service of the Game in a Rapidly Changing Healthcare Landscape

Mistakes can be made if your front desk staff must balance answering the phones, while verifying insurance, and attending to patients. With TrueshoreHealth, your medical back office will be completely virtualized. This means that every aspect of running the practice is streamlined, and managing your business becomes much more efficient. You’ll eliminate a huge percentage of undesirable, time-consuming administrative tasks, which helps your admin staff pay better attention to your patients. This increases patient satisfaction, which increases your likelihood of positive online reviews and a great reputation in the community.


Through the Entire Process

With HIPAA regulations affecting medical practices of all sizes, it’s difficult to put your health care processes in someone else’s hands. TrueshoreHealth ensures HIPAA-compliance with every solution we offer - whether it’s sales, marketing, or general medical practice functions. You can safely put your trust in TrueshoreHealth and know that your business is staying 100% HIPAA compliant.

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True Shore Health Cloud

EliteHealth Case Study

In 2012, EliteHealth, a large multi-physician medical group with multiple locations throughout South Florida, hired TrueshoreHealth and implemented the TrueshoreHealth Resource Planning solution. Their incoming customer service calls were completely virtualized, including prescription refill requests, scheduling appointments, looking up medical records, and any general questions a medical practice receives during the day.

EliteHealth’s Outcome

Immediately, there was a noticeable increase in patient and employee satisfaction. With the front desk staff having much more time to devote to care, quality of patient care skyrocketed. Wait times decreased with the office becoming more efficient, making all parties much happier. EliteHealth replaced 23 employees with TrueshoreHealth Agents and moved these functions to the TrueshoreHealth cloud. They save $16,000 per employee per year with an annual savings of $368,000.