TrueshoreHealth removes administrative burdens and allows doctors to focus on patient care and outcomes

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TrueshoreHealth mission and values

Our shared principles

Guiding us in our mission to provide a customer experience which is elite in nature and introducing all the modern and future technological advancements that are available. Our employees will be like family and will be inspired to be the best they can be. We will anticipate the needs of our clients and provide a world class service.

Integrity We will provide a comprehensive training process that supports the consistent application of positive customer service focused behaviors. This includes structured follow up, supportive coaching, internal and external focus. Attitudes, motives, and values are constantly reinforced in a positive way.

Customer first

A customer centric approach is essential to TrueshoreHealth. This mantra is embedded into our organizations DNA. This requires a top down approach. We employ several CCO's (Chief Customer Officers)to ensure a top notched experience. We educate our employees about the impact that changes in business policies have On our customers. We motivate and educate our Employees By sharing exceptional customer service experiences.

Our mantra is to deliver to our customers a "four season hotel" experience. White glove experience to the customer is the only way to drive efficiencies and to build a business. It's our core value and will drive Trueshore for many years to come".

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